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Completed Trips - Pictures and Stories


Monarch Migration (Mexico)
Traveled to Macheros, a small town in Mexico to see the monarch butterflies, then a few days in Mexico city, mostly for the food.


Western Canada
Traveled by myself - with my bike and hiking boots - through Banff, Jasper parks, and onward through western Canada up to Smithers to visit Theresa and Bryan, then down Vancouver Island and back home.


South Africa and Madagascar
A pretty fantastic trip

Weekend on Olympic Peninsula
Just hanging out

Camping at Second Beach
Camping with Rachel, Lily, and Olivia


Three-day Triathlon in and around Lake Tahoe
Something I've wanted to do for a long time.

Backpacking in the Pasayten
My birthday, continued

My Birthday
Whale watching and dining on the waterfront.


Nova Scotia bike ride
One week on Cabot Trail, one week on southern shore - the Lighthouse Route.



Kayaking in Glacier Bay, hiking in Denali, rafting on the Wind River in the Arctic Refuge. It is a beautiful place.


50th Wedding Anniversary

The family celebrated fifty years of Mom and Dad being married by hanging out in Bend for a long weekend.

Hiking in the Enchantment Lakes

Linda and I went backpacking in the Alpine Wilderness.

Biking from Key West to Richmond

Month long bike ride up the Atlantic Coast.


Thanksgiving 2011 at Cama Beach

2011 Dungeness Spit Hike

More birds!

Skagit Flats Bike Ride



Thanksgiving 2010 pictures

Rally to Restore Sanity

I had a free airline ticket, I had a free place to stay, why not go to DC?

Brucker/Dominick Family Reunion in Vermont

Biking from West Yellowstone to Steamboat Springs

We rode across Wyoming to the Odyssey 2000 Reunion

Wining and Dining in Central California

Trip to San Francisco, Napa, Monterey, and Big Sur


Biking Around Mt. Rainier

How to enjoy both the dog and the bike





Biking the Oregon and California Coast

Great ride - great people!

Christopher & Walter get married

Part of the trip - my brother's wedding

South Dakota and Leading Ladies Half-Marathon

South Dakota has scenery! Who knew?
(Updated 10/26 - not finished)

Courage Classic

Another year, another great ride!



I hiked the Inca Trail, then explored Manu (Amazon basin jungle) -- mainly looking at birds.

Hiking Mt. Whitney

All about my training, travel to Southern California, and hike up Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountains in the lower 48 states.

Williams College 20th Reunion

Went to the east coast for my 20th reunion

Big Sur Power Walk

Anne and I walked 21 miles along the California Coast - from Big Sur to Carmel


Biking around Mount Rainier in 3 Days

Mom, Dad, Paul, and I rode around Mt. Rainier in the fall.

Courage Classic Bike Ride

Plenty of the Seattle area Odyssey crowd did this ride.

Biking the Lot Valley in Southwest France

Dad organized a bicycle trip to France.

<not finished>

Touring Southwest USA in a car

Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival & 10 Mile "Run"

Sheila and I tried to participate in the Ten Mile Cherry Blossom run.


Cayman Island Triathlon

Sheila was tired of marathons, so we went to the Cayman Islands and did a triathlon.

<not done>

Odyssey 2000 5-Year Reunion and North Cascade Bike Ride


Disney World Marathon

Sheila and I went to the magical kingdom and did a marathon.


San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon

Sheila and I toured San Diego and walked a marathon. (Sheila only did half, though.)

Odyssey 2003 (Athens to Rome Bike Ride)

Riding the major section of Odyssey 2000 that I missed.


Biking in Glacier and Waterton National Parks

Russ, Beth, Tom, Gene, Dick, and I spent a week biking in Montana and up through Canada.

Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska

My sister, Rachel, and I completed our first marathon, the Mayor's Midnight Sun Run.

Courage Classic Bike Ride

More of the Seattle area Odyssey crowd.


Odyssey 2000: One year ride (Jan. 1 - Jan. 1) around the world. (Sadly, I haven't posted those photos yet. But someday!)